Logistics management

Simplifying transportation and Logistics for process improvement and cost savings


The transportation industry is under an increasing amount of pressure to meet quick turn delivery schedules. Can your fleet keep up with the demand? when truck arrive, where to load ? can get a fast response ?

Estalky push to talk device with push to talk solution can help solve below issues:
-Location of a lorry can be checked at any time on the map
-Easy to find the nearest given address truck i.e. to collect parcel
-Drivers can share information about road traffic, accidents and more-Push-to-talk prevents goods to be damaged,misplaced or stolen 
-Voice group communication not limited by geographical distance, you can talk from office located i.e. in Amsterdam with drivers which are in Spain 

So push to talk solution can help you work smarter, keeping your workforce safe, efficient and profitable. 
Experience seamless logistics communications with Instant, reliable team communications help delivery and logistics businesses streamline operations, control costs and delight custome