General Management

1.What is Push to Talk?
Push to Talk (PTT) is a 2-way radio-type service that provides simple communication with the push of a button.

2.Where will my Push to Talk service work?
For Push to Talk on basic phones, you can connect directly with other K-Mobile Push to Talk subscribers while you are in the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area.

3.What happens when I receive a regular voice call while using Push to Talk?
While you are using your Push to Talk service, you will not be interrupted if another person tries to call you. Incoming regular voice calls will go directly to your voicemail. You will not notice a change during your Push to Talk call.

4.What happens when I receive a Push to Talk call while on a regular voice call?
If you receive a Push to Talk call while you are on a regular voice call, your voice call will not be interrupted. You will not receive any indicators that you missed a Push to Talk call. The person who tried to call you using Push to Talk will receive a message indicating that you were unavailable.

5.Will my regular voice calls be interrupted when I receive a Push to Talk alert?
No, your regular voice call will not be interrupted when you receive a Push to Talk alert. The person sending you the Push to Talk alert will receive a notice indicating that you were unavailable.

6.Will I be charged Airtime for my Push to Talk calls?
Push to Talk service includes unlimited one-to-one and group Push to Talk calls for a low monthly access fee.

Contact Management

1.How do I set up my Push to Talk Contact Lists?
You can manage your individual and group contact lists on your Push to Talk device or Dispatcher.

2.How many individual contacts can I establish in my Push to Talk Contacts List?
You may establish up to 500 different individual contacts.

3.How many groups can I establish in my Push to Talk Contacts List?
You may establish up to 100 different group contacts.

4.How many individuals can be included in a Push to Talk Contacts List group?
You may include up to 50 individuals in each group.

KMOBILE Android PTT Phone has been launched in the market since 2014. Model F25, R887 and E550 has been optimized and start mass production. 
Below is the issue which we receive report from client. Most of issue can be solved. some belong to operate issue, some belong to provided sample issue. 
Feel free to check and have a reference

Issue One: Handset can’t be open. 
1. Check the battery has electricity or not. 
2. If battery is ok, need to re-install system SW. (Will introduce detail operation instruction in the solution of “Welcome” issue.) 

Issue Two: Speaker no sound. 
1. Turn up the volume key on the top right of the handset. 
2. Use music play so see if the speak can work or not. 
3. After turning up the volume key, the music still can’t be worked, it need to replace the speaker. 

Issue Three: Touch screen can’t be used. 
1. Restore factory settings. 
2. Re-install system SW. 
3. Above two points can’t work, then need to replace touch screen.