UK project
Estalky Smart Poc radio E887(R887) Radio for the tallest skyscraper (The Leadenhall Building) in the city of London
In 2017, the tallest leadenhall building was completed in used. The property company need to assign tasks, fast communication in each floor. check all details that happens with custom feedback and request anytime. so it deploy our E887(R887) Android Poc radio with PTTI system together, solve the issue.
The Challenge
They use traditional DMR radio and analogy radio here before, while it gives less flexiable for their working for connecting many people at the same time , also check real production picture. sometime talking distance is limited. so with PTTI push to talk solution and E887 together, it solve the communication issue for voice, video and photo sharing immedicately with dispatch or control center. also due to the floor is higher, on the top and button, you need to communcation. traditional DMR or analogy radio can not meet the talking distance.
The Solution and Results

With PTTI solution and installed in E887, reply on local fast 4G LTE network, the whole system works very stable. it solves the problem for slowing communication with many people at the time. push to talk solution support group talking, single talking and voice talking. give exact location . if there is any emergeny things happen, people press SOS on E887 device, the dispatchh center can get the information instantly. with the system and device, it broke the distance gap. people can talk no matter they are in the evalator, rooms or top building. it increase the working efficiently for workers here and optimize its management. with stable quality on device and PTTI platform, client are satisfied here.