Mexico Project

In 2016, the local police station still use dmr radio or analogy radio for daily communication. with our local partner PTT platform deployment with video and voice function, our F22+ POC radio could just meet their request.  it solve the distance issue, increase the effiency for policemen.

The Challenge

With rapid development of economy and the requirement of public safety & security, a larger coverage, bigger system capacity, more reliable & efficient wireless communication system is required by Policeman to handle daily working. with traditional radio, they could get on live picture or video to control center or get instant communication.  what is more , distance is big problem. it impedes the case solving and not efficiently.   what is more, when handling some violent case, tradtional radio can not get instant picture for proof , it  makes more difficult for policeman working, can not protect their security at the same time. 

The Solution and Results

Our local partner POC platform successfully deploy their system , one group with 100 policemans together for communication. it gives the gps tracking location, in the control room, can track where they are, where they move. meanwhile it can crease G-fence. if people is out of the location, it will active the alarm system, then dispatch center will know immediately what is protect the policeman security.

Secondly F22+ has instant camera. when policeman handle with some violent case, just need to press the camera keys, it will automatically go into the video recording. or if there is any urgent issue happen on the live, request the center to give quick solution, then open the video communication through F22+ radio, dispatch center can see all the details what is happening. give instant solution to the policemen. handing the case asap.

Thirdly The local police station responsbile a large area and need to walk around every day.  traditional radio only could support short distance communication, when you go out of this area, you lose control, you will be in danager. with POC system and POC radio, it is without distance limiation, give you wide coverage communucation, keep talking online all the time. 

Since deployment the POC device and system,. it increase the policemen working effiency, make it more safe and faster. we are pound to creat a safe world for them.