HongKong project
The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong Project


In 2017, Kmobile has helped The Rita Carlton hotel in Hongkong introduced a new generation poc radio F25(easy to carry, feel light at hand) and deployed the whole POC system here for daily working including voice calling, video calling,communicate with waiter in different room.

The Challenge

 Located from 102 to 118 floor, there are several departments and waiter, manager who need to communicate each other directly. but traditional two way radio can not provide stable communication due to distance.  sometime waiter need to communucate with people in different room. also when client leave the hotel, they will call the waiter in this room and check. they want to get instant talking and video to see what is hotel situation, give instant guidance. but two way radio can not provide such kind of function.  what is more, Staff struggled to keep in contact with their operations manager, with communications repeatedly dropping out. This was a particular problem in the site‘s over-flow car park, causing visitor management and safety issues.

The Solution and Results

Kmobile deploy the whole poc system with stable POC device F25 here. in the information desk, dispatch was installed here for every detail control and give command to waiters. they could also get instant voice or video talking with each room waiter. also staff get direct and instant communication with manager. also big batteries keep them whole day working ,without dropping lines.  in this way, increase the working effeciency, visitor, waiter, manager both happy with this. it makes worker more easier and give visitor satisfication for fast service.